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"Inspecting To A Higher Level"




9-11 OCTOBER 2017 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, Texas, USA

 OEM Booth # 566



HOT News - OEM FAQ - Debunk MYTH and False Advertising in this Buyer Beware Marketplace.  There is a reason why OEM Products and After Sales Service are the best in the industry - Ask us about it !


HOT News - Don't Get Caught MISSING DEFECTS!  100% Magnetic Wall Loss Coverage ONLY Available from OEM !


News:  November 2014 - ARTIS-3 Portable Unit - Quad-Function-EMI™ technology Now Available in 3 Models.  High Speed USB 2.0 interface - only available from OEM !


News:  October 2014 - OEM expands operations in San Antonio, Texas to more than 54,000 square feet of facilities across four acres.  The expanded plant includes manufacturing, training and corporate offices.


News:  ARTIS-5 Systems #1 at Defect Detection !


News:  ARTIS-4 Well Head Unit - Now with Magnetic Flaw Detection Feature!    Time to throw away your air pump !


Industry News:  OEM Engineer Contributes to latest version of API RP-7G-2 Specification.

Paper:  Hall Sensors Outperform Search Coil Devices

Paper:  "Magnetic Wall Loss in Plain English"

Paper:  "The Magical Mag Coil"

Paper:  Electromagnetic Wall Loss Device Replaces Gamma Tool