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ARTIS EMI Pipe Inspection Systems


The ARTIS family of products are the only EMI inspection systems offered in the marketplace which implement 100% solid state Hall sensor technology for both flaw and wall loss detection!

Products using induction search coils are still missing defects in the tubulars under inspection.

  • OEM’s most advanced ARTIS EMI systems solve several key problems which exist with other EMI unit offerings in the marketplace.
  1. Other units use induction search coils as the primary inspection sensor technology which makes it easy to miss areas of reduced metallic area (wall loss) such as washouts.  While this defect could be seen visually when it breaks through the outer diameter of the tubular, a large area of corrosion/erosion could exist on the ID which has not yet broken through the OD of the pipe, making the defect undetectable by visual inspection.  Since the search coil cannot detect this type of defect, it is returned to service with a potential failure looming.
  1. Other units implement only eight (8) single Hall sensors around the circumference of the pipe for wall loss detection, which offers less than 20% circumferential coverage.  As one can imagine, MANY defects go undetected as they pass between the magnetic sensors.
  1. Other units implement a single detection function to attempt to detect all types of wall loss defects, with no regard for defect size.  Research has shown that a smaller diameter defect disrupts less magnetic flux than a larger diameter defect of the same depth.  This is due to the fact that magnetic flux leaks from a defect area based on the volume of the missing metal.  This simple fact makes it impossible to detect all wall loss defects with a single inspection function.  An EMI unit with a single wall loss function can either be tuned for smaller volume defects or larger volume defects, but not for both.  This limitation makes the EMI unit either too sensitive for some defects or not sensitive enough for others.  This usually leads to “de-tuning” of the EMI unit by the operator which makes it extremely easy to miss defects which should be rejected.

ARTIS units have none of these limitations.    OEM’s latest generation ARTIS-5 units are the ONLY systems available which are 100% computerized and offer 100% circumferential coverage for both Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and Magnetic Flux Density (MFD) inspection methods.


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