A portable system for magnetizing tubulars from 2-3/8″ thru 20″ O.D. when performing magnetic particle inspection.  Wrapping method can be used to magnetize irregular shaped parts.
Key Features

Solid state charging circuits.
Two digital meters display cap bank voltage and output current.  Amps are displayed for approximately five (5) seconds.
Housed in a rugged plastic case with a gasket sealed lid. Our non-conductive plastic case is safer and lighter weight than typical aluminum enclosures and it won’t dent.
Fold down carrying handles allow easier handling of this 150 lb. (68 kg.) unit.
A trigger cable and AC power cable are both included.
Capacities are available from 6,000 amps to 15,000 amps.

Optional Accessories

RODS:  Solid aluminum rods screw together to make 48 feet of central conductor. Wrench flats provide easy tightening at joints. Insulating jacketing keeps the rod off the pipe I.D. surface.
ROD LIFT-OFF DISC SET:  A set of five (5) plastic discs are used to keep the rods closer to the pipe center, which is important when a uniform magnetic field is needed to perform MPI on 9-5/8″ O.D. thru 20″ O.D. tubulars.
CLAMPS:  Heavy-duty clamps help reduce the chance of arcing. These snap on & off clamps provide a large surface area to contact the rods and conduct maximum current. A set of two is required.
CABLES:  Heavy duty copper cables with crimped connector lugs complete the circuit between the CD unit and the clamps.