Is This System Computerized ?

Computers casually tied to electromagnetic pipe inspection equipment have created a misconception of increased performance. Once the word "computer" is attached to any system's description, a seemingly new device is born; capable of many wonderful abilities. The truth is that in most cases this addition is nothing more than eye wash and at the very best is relegated to a strip chart only.

The definition of Computerized is, " to control, perform, or store (information or a system or operation) by or in an electronic computer or computers.1" Here the most important words are "to control" and "to perform." Any pipe inspection unit which is not actually controlling the inspection process or performing calculations based on incoming defect data with the computer is not computerized. At best, a pipe inspection system with a computer attached for displaying charts is said to be "computer aided."

A truly computerized pipe inspection system controls all aspects of its operation. Software should permit total control by the operator. All system settings are displayed and recorded. The unit starts and stops with one keystroke. Power supplies are monitored by the computer to maintain proper outputs. Computerized "On Board Diagnostics" evaluates the entire pipe inspection system's condition. If all systems are "Go" the calibration certificate is printed by the computer for the inspection company. No need to send the unit in for calibration.

So don't let anyone argue that their pipe inspection system is "computerized" when it is not. For additional information on this or any other nondestructive testing procedure please contact OEM, Inc.


1.  Random House College Dictionary, Revised Edition.  ©1982,  p.277.