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OEM Engineer Contributes to Latest Version of API Used Drill Pipe Inspection Specification API RP 7G-2

UPDATED 08-13-2009:  The New Edition of API RP 7G-2 / ISO 10407-2 is now in stock and available from IHS.

Released August 2009 – Recommended Practice for Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements, 1st Edition.  This recommended practice involves not only the selection of drill string members, but also the consideration of hole angle control, drilling fluids, weight and rotary speed, and other operational procedures. This standard is an ISO adoption from ISO 10407-2.


November 2008 SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS A completely revised and comprehensive edition of API RP-7G (entitled RP-7G-2: Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements) will be released into our industry soon. OEM, Inc., VP of Engineering, Brian Edens, contributed to this new document, adding content to help promote greater uniformity concerning the inspection of used drill stem elements. Now all nondestructive testing inspectors can work from a unified and unbiased document aimed directly at increasing performance and professional accountability. The revisions, contributed by Edens, are contained within the EMI inspection sections, particularly in the area of magnetic (cross-sectional) wall loss detection. The additions and changes in this new Recommended Practice by the American Petroleum Institute* propels the inspection of used drill stem elements into the current state-of-the-art, without bias towards any particular methodology. In our opinion, this document can supersede others now employed in the inspection of used drill stem elements. Furthermore, the new API RP-7G-2 document offers legitimate information, supported by engineering methods, towards the promotion of best practices for the inspection of used drill stem elements. The NEW RP-7G-2 may be more beneficial to the used tubular pipe inspector than other industry-wide documents now in circulation. Contact us to learn how you can obtain this comprehensive Recommended Practice. Presently the document is available as International Standard, ISO publication 10407-2.


*The American Petroleum Institute, commonly referred to as API, is the main U.S trade association for the oil and natural gas industry, representing about 400 corporations involved in production, refinement, distribution, and many other aspects of the industry. The association’s chief functions on behalf of the industry include advocacy and negotiation with governmental, legal, and regulatory agencies; research into economic, toxicological, and environmental effects; establishment and certification of industry standards; and education outreach. API both funds and conducts research related to many aspects of the petroleum industry. *** From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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