EMI UNITS:  Electromagnetic (EMI) Non-Destructive Testing Systems for Oil Field Drill Pipe, Tubing, Casing, Sucker Rod, Continuous Rod & Coiled Tubing.


UT UNITS:  Ultrasonic (UT) Non-Destructive Testing Systems and accessories for Oil Field Drill Pipe, Tubing and Casing.


MAGNETIZING COILS:  AC, DC, and PULSED DC Self Contained Coils. OEM's proprietary free standing design.  Lighter weight and repairable.  Extremely STRONG DC magnetic fields.


DIGITAL CHART SYSTEM:  Computer Upgrade for existing EMI units which eliminates the paper based chart. This is the EASIEST TO USE chart deck upgrade available. NO COMPUTER EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! The software is specifically designed for EMI / UT pipe inspection systems.


DRILL COLLAR MAG/DEMAG UNIT:  For Drill Collar Inspection and other NDE methods which require an adjustable magnetic field and a broad range of coil sizes.  A strong magnetic field with the ability to de-mag with switch selectable DC or PULSED DC output.


NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING ACCESSORIES Drift Tapes, Spot Check, Tally Tapes, Cleaning Brushes, Pipe Scale Blowers, Mirrors, O.D. Gauges, Magnetizing Powders, Gauss Meters, Profile Gauges, Magnetic Yokes, Inspection Shoes, Pit Gauges, Ultrasonic Probes, High Intensity Inspection Lights, UT Thickness Gauges, Black Lights and MORE!


BOTTOM HOLE ASSEMBLY (BHA) KIT:  Implemented since 1980 by both large and small inspection companies for inspection performed ON and OFFSHORE. OEM's BHA Kit is the original and still the best!  This is the most complete kit available with choices aplenty for the most experienced inspectors.


CAPACITIVE DISCHARGE UNITS:  Capacitive Discharge (CD) units produce EXTREMELY STRONG circular magnetic fields. Solid state charging circuits recharge quickly. Housed in a rugged plastic case with a gasket sealed lid. Our non-conductive plastic case is safer and lighter weight than typical aluminum enclosures and it won’t dent!


REFACING TOOLS:  Tiger Paw Sand Paper Type Refacers.


EQUIPMENT TRAILERS / CONTAINERS:  Rugged, feature packed Mobile Operation Centers.