High Quality NDE / NDT Inspection Solutions


2023 ARTIS-6 Trip Tool Systems are the PREDOMINANT Well-Head EMI Scanner product sold in the market due to the latest technology and all NEW SAFETY Features!

OEM completes design for NEW Micro-controller based magnetizing equipment, bringing constant current capability to the inspection industry. Our SMART-MAG products are the only magnetizers in the industry that maintain the output mag field, even as they heat up!

2022 OEM Is Contracted to Design and Manufacture The LARGEST Stationary Transverse (ST) Inspection System Ever Built in Our Industry! The ARTIS-5 MODEL-5800 Can Inspect from 4-1/2″ OD thru 20″ OD Pipe.

May 2022 ARTIS-6 Trip Tool is Released to Market with a 25% smaller size by volume and All New Safety Features to protect everyone on the well site! Noted is a second Micro-Housing used for ESP and Gaslift wells which is 45% smaller by volume than the ARTIS-4 Generation Systems.

2020 – 2021 OEM Works on Next Generation ARTIS-6 Trip Tool During COVID Downtime. Design Goals Include Creating a Smaller Housing and Adding Safety Features Related to the Application Which are NOT Covered by Class I Division 1 and Class I Division 2 Requirements.

OEM has NO LAYOFFS or reduced pay during COVID.

2019 OEM receives ATEX certification for ARTIS-4 Trip Tool C1D1™ systems.

2018 OEM Manufactures and Installs the FIRST ALL ELECTRIC & PNUEMATIC Powered In-Plant EMI System for Large Daimeter Tubular Inspection. Designed as a greener solution, the FULLY AUTOMATED ARTIS-5 ST Inspection System is Years Ahead of Competitive Systems!

2017 OEM Engineer continues to present Trip Tool inspection technology seminars to oil companies of all sizes.

2016 OEM Manufactures and Installs the FIRST FULLY AUTOMATED In-Plant EMI Pipe Inspection System, providing for high volume pipe inspection throughput. The -ONLY- Fully Automated non-destructive pipe inspection system in the industry!

2015 OEM ARTIS-4 Coiled Tubing Inspection System is upgraded with multi-point laser ovality system. The ARTIS-4 CTIS system continues to be the ONLY viable inspection unit in the industry that is designed and optimized for the inspection of Coiled Tubing and Coiled Rod material!

2014 OEM ARTIS-4 Trip Tool Well-Head EMI Tubing Scanner continues to DOMINATE the inspection industry due to key factors such as ease of use, highest detection capabilities, highest uptime, lowest maintenance requirements, lowest total cost of ownership and superior after sales technical support!

2013 OEM Introduces ARTIS-5 Technology, leading the industry with the absolute best defect detection capabilities.

During the course of the year, OEM Engineer is invited to present Trip Tool inspection technology seminars to major oil companies.

2012 OEM expands operations in San Antonio, Texas. The expanded plant includes more than 44,000 square feet of facilities on two acres.

2011 OEM’s latest UT End Area Rotary Inspection System brought to the market to address the limitations and issues related to inspecting with a UT wheel system.

2010 OEM completes 30 years of business!

2009 OEM’s latest ARTIS-4™ Trip Tool Inspection System™ brought to the market with the latest well-head inspection technologies. The only Six-Function™ Well-Head unit in the industry.

2008 ARTIS-3 In-Plant Systems implement OEM’s proprietary MICROSCAN™ Technology, leading the industry in detection capabilities.

2007 OEM’s latest MODEL-4500™ portable EMI units are brought to market, full of new technologies only available from OEM ! These systems offer lower startup & maintenance costs. The MODEL-4500 unit includes advanced features that place it at the top of it’s class. This fast Triple-Function-EMI™ system operates from a High-Speed USB 2.0 connection.

2006 OEM’s latest ARTIS-3™ Trip Tool Inspection System™ brought to the market with the latest well-head inspection technologies. The only Quad-Function™ Well-Head unit in the industry.

2005 OEM’s latest ARTIS-3™ portable EMI units are full of the latest inspection technologies. These systems are purchased by companies most concerned with quality pipe inspection. The ultra fast Quad-Function-EMI™ MODEL-5400™ unit is unequalled in the industry.

2004 OEM Celebrates 25 Years of Business!

November 2004 OEM’s Newest Brand of Portable ARTIS Units are now available with the latest technologies and features. Introducing the ARTIS-3™ portable EMI units.

December 2004 OEM delivers industry’s first 15kAmp Computerized Capacitive Discharge Unit. The MODEL CD-15C™ is a powerful 15,000 AMP capacitive discharge unit powered by OEM’s ShotMaster™ software.

2003 First three (3) function portable EMI “buggy” system introduced to market as the ARTIS-2 MODEL-5400™. Three unique EMI functions provide the most advanced EMI testing in the world!

2002 The industry’s first Computerized Capacitive Discharge Unit is introduced to the market. The MODEL CD-10C™ is a 10,000 AMP capacitive discharge unit powered by OEM’s ShotMaster™ software. The system’s computer, typically a laptop, controls the solid state charging, measures the shot magnitude and duration and can generate a job report when the day is done.

2001 100% Non-contact ARTIS-2™ Trip Tool Inspection System™ brought to the market. A unique well-head inspection system which eliminates the need for spare inspection shoes.

July 2001 ARTIS-MS™ EMI Inspection Systems become available. Utilizing OEM’s proprietary MICROSCAN™ Technology, the ARTIS-MS provides an unprecedented level of electromagnetic inspection.

August 2001 OEM receives THIRD United States Patent.

2000 On Board Diagnostics (O.B.D.) introduced. EMI pipe inspection systems now include a real-time, solid-state, self diagnostic system which eliminates the need for periodic factory recalibration.

August 2000 OEM celebrates 20 years of business!

1999 Published ASNT topical paper “Electromagnetic Wall Loss Device Replaces Gamma Radiation Tool to Locate Localized Loss of Metallic Area (Wall Loss) in OCTG” in June.
August 1999 OEM receives SECOND United States Patent.

1998 ARTIS-2™ Trip Tool Inspection System (TTIS)™ is brought to market in January. This is the first commercially available “in-line” wellhead inspection unit since the 1970’s. A full contact inspection device utilizing solid state magnetic sensors for wellhead inspection of production tubing. The ARTIS-2 TTIS is the most sensitive EMI wellhead inspection device in the marketplace.

August 1998 OEM expands operations in San Antonio, Texas. The expanded plant includes more than 26,000 square feet of facilities on two acres.

1997 OEM receives United States Patent in April.

1996 ARTIS-2™ Introduced to the market at the Offshore Technology Conference, May 6 – 9, Houston, Texas. First “all function” computer operated pipe inspection system for drill pipe and used tubing. Using a laptop or mini-tower computer, the “Console Box” became a thing of the past!

1995 Topical paper presented at ASNT Conference based on successes in the location of unusual flaws found by pipe inspection companies using solid state magnetic sensors, titled “Defect Location Case Studies Derived from the Electromagnetic Inspection of Oil Country Tubular Goods Using Hall Detectors”.

September 1995 ARTIS-1™ Advanced Real Time Inspection System introduced at Offshore Europe ’95 in Aberdeen, Scotland.

1994 Work progresses to computerize inspection systems which actually inspect tubulars in real time. Dual function system continues to dominate inspection of drill pipe and used tubing in the Gulf Coast area. Inspection of cement lined production tubing noted by service company in West Texas.

1993 Published ASNT topical paper “Coiled Tubing: Early Warning System to Detect Flaws in Flat Sheet Prior to Rolling and Welding”.

1991 Published ASNT topical paper “Electromagnetic Inspection: Wall Loss and Flaw Location in Oil Country Tubular Goods”.

1990 Introduced the first Dual Function™ solid state sensor pipe inspection system for both transverse flaw detection and localized wall loss detection at the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference). OEM successfully eliminated the use of gamma radiation as a test method on oil field pipe. The 100% electromagnetic MODEL-5000™ portable inspection system is the world’s first “buggy” inspection unit to offer two distinct magnetic detection functions.

1989 Published ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) topical paper “Recent Innovations in Flux Leakage Drill Pipe Inspection Technology: Quality Control Enhanced” at the invitation of Exxon Production Research.

1987 Introduced the first solid state sensor portable pipe inspection system for the detection of three dimensional transverse flaws. The OEM Single Function™ MODEL-4000™ unit can out perform search coil based inspection units.