The OEM Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) kit has been used since 1980 by both large and small inspection companies for inspection performed ON and OFFSHORE.  This is the most complete system available with choices aplenty for the most experienced inspectors.  You may select any or all of the items listed.  A heavy-duty plastic or steel shipping container is available.
We offer the following standard items to choose from for your BHA Kit.  Additional thread inspection devices and specialty coil sizes are also available.

KEY Features:

  • 11″ I.D. Self Contained coil with its powerful fixed level of magnetization.
  • Blacklight unit.
  • Blacklight radiometer.
  • Magnetizing yoke AC only or AC / DC dual capability.
  • Centrifuge tube and stand.
  • Dry magnetic particle powder: gray, red and yellow in 100 lb. pails.
  • Thread lead gauge and setting standards.
  • Pit depth gauge with a knife edge, stainless tip and a case.
  • Magnetic field indicator for +/-10,20,50 or 100 gauss.
  • Pie gauge for detecting presence and direction of magnetic field.
  • Magnifying inspection mirrors:  rack inspection mirrors & trip inspection mirrors with blow tube.
  • Curved brass marking stencils – specify text when ordering.
  • Thread profile gauges:  request the desired thread form when ordering.
  • Blacklight cape.
  • I.D. / O.D. calipers.
  • Powder blower, adjustable hand-held type.
  • Dye penetrant.
  • Steel rulers, tapes and straight edges.
  • A full range of power tools, cleaning brushes, blowers, grinding wheels and spray cans are also available.

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