You need a strong magnetic field and the ability to de-mag. Both of these features are found in the MP-10 portable DC magnetizing unit.
A variable PULSED DC output is available as an option.

KEY Features:

  • The MP-10 is extremely versatile and designed to magnetize oil field tubulars for special-end-area non-destructive testing including bottom hole assembly (BHA) work.
  • An adjustable DC field is standard.
  • An adjustable PULSED DC field is optionally available, switch selectable.
  • Available in 120 or 240 VAC models (50/60Hz).
  • Unit provides control from 0 to 10 amperes, producing a strong gauss field.
  • A broad range of low-profile magnetizing coil sizes are available.
  • A standard 25 ft. coil cable is available or you may request special lengths to suit your needs.
  • All connections and digital DC meter are housed in a rugged plastic case.  The case includes a storage compartment for cables and other accessories.
  • A digital meter displays DC amps and is backlit for easy viewing.
  • A polarity switch reverses the magnetic field polarity for casual de-magnetizing.
  • Fast acting fuses protect your investment.
  • EFOR USE WITH MP-10 MAG UNITS. Magnetizing & De-Magnetizing Coils  Lighter weight and low-profile for hard to get at pipe ends.  Extra thick inner ring for durability.  Momentary switch activated. Specialized De-Mag Coils are available to provide enhanced adjustability when finer de-magnetizing control is required.

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