The newest version of our Digital Chart System (DCS) is a sophisticated, simple to use chart deck upgrade for ANY existing EMI or UT unit with ink-type or thermal paper chart deck. Contact us for specific integration details for your unit. Additionally, the D.C.S. can be used to replace other lesser computer based chart systems on UT end area devices, EMI units, etc.

KEY Features:

  • Specially designed software for use in the oil field pipe inspection industry.
  • A Laptop Computer, which can be supplied at extra cost, may be placed next to or on top of your existing EMI unit during inspection.
  • Inspection charts can be printed out in COLOR (printer not included).
  • No special viewing software is required to review the saved inspection charts. Standard Windows based programs can be used to easily view, print and email the saved inspection screens.
  • Inspection charts can be saved to CD or other digital media and provided to your customer in digital form.
  • The DCS functions easily during normal pipe inspection operations. The operator won’t even have to enter joint numbers while inspecting pipe!
  • …and many other easy to use features are included

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