Full Body Ultrasonic Inspection for Wall Thickness in NEW Drill Pipe, Tubing & Casing.

KEY Features:

  • Computerized Inspection System with Fully Automated Motion Control System.
  • Up to 16 Independent Ultrasonic Thickness Channels.
  • 100% Full body coverage for wall thickness.
  • Reliable, Proven Ultrasonic Technology with standard “Off-The-Shelf” components.
  • Extremely Fast Inspection Times Per Joint.
  • Engineered to be rugged, extremely easy to use and maintain.
  • Tubular products from 2-3/8″ thru 13-3/8″ O.D. can be inspected with a single system.
  • Range 3 pipe lengths, up to 1″ thick pipe wall is accomodated.
  • Computer Controlled, Integrated Loading / Unloading System.
  • Advanced Design Derived from More than 32 Years of Inspection Experience !

. . . and much more!

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