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The ARTIS-4 Coiled Tubing Inspection System provides high speed state-of-the-art detection for suspected Transverse Flaws, Localized Wall Loss, Longitudinal Wall Loss (including gradual wear) and Thru-Wall Splits in Oil Field Coiled Tubing products.

The ARTIS-4 is the most technologically advanced system available !

KEY Features:

  • OEM’s PATENTED Methods & Technology.
  •  100% computer controlled…No knobs to turn – ever !
  • Fast semi-automatic calibration.  Can calibrate to 1/32″ diameter thru-holes.
  •  High Resolution Solid State Sensor System for the most sensitive EMI inspection capabilities available.
  •  Superior defect repeatability.
  •  Available as a Portable or Stationary system.
  • Extremely FAST inspection speed.
  • Engineered to be rugged, extremely easy to use and maintain.
  • More than 100% circumferential coverage for suspected Transverse Flaws and Localized Wall Loss.
  • Up to 4-1/2″ O.D. API coiled tubing can be inspected.  Also, continuous rods (co-rod) can be inspected.
  • 360 Degree coverage for Longitudinal Wall Loss and Thru-Wall Splits.On Board Diagnostics  (OBD – II)     The Second Generation of our proprietary solid-state real time monitoring system for necessary components.
  •  Integrated TALLY REPORT feature included.
  •  . . . and much more !

This product and / or it’s use may be covered by one or more United States Patents.